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Envision a world with zero untreatable cancers

OncorpretR, a modern-age oncology platform from GenterpretR removes unpredictability from the medical management of cancers

GenterpretR is a precision medicine company that provides an immersive experience for oncologists, cancer researchers, and patients to know the disease with a 360-degree view of clinical, molecular, and drug response information.

Cancer drug response data points
+ 60%
Improvement in 5 years survival
~ 80%
Accuracy in predicting a patient's drug response
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Our mission at GenterpretR is to empower oncologists, researchers and clinicians with a next-generation real-world evidence platform and AI-driven precision medicine applications based on complete mRNA and DNA genetic interpretation.

Our goal is to enable the identification of patient-specific prognostic and predictive biomarkers along with best fit targeted therapies to attack cancer cells while allowing normal cells to perform their regular functions.

Precision healthcare helps us move towards providing

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the right patient
med 2.png
the right drug
the right dose
at the right time

GenterpretR for Clinical Oncology

Supporting clinical decisions by providing clinicians with a real-time molecular report using gene expression data and co-relation analytics with conventional bio-marker metrics

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Real-time Evidence

Quickly find comparable patients to understand their level of match, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment outcomes

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Clinical Trials

Real-time genetic, AI-driven clinical trials to explore alternate therapies and treatment plans

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Precision Oncology

Integrated bio-marker views with therapy recommendations, explainability and actions

GenterpretR Technology Suite

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A real-time search engine that delivers "comparable patients", returning matches with diagnosis, prognosis and outcomes


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Hybrid inferencing AI-platform that matches a patient’s genetic profile and delivers therapy recommendations with evidence

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Global oncology drug response database that aggregates distributed trials and GenterpretR clinical research data sets

GenterpretR for Research

Standardize, accelerate, and reduce the cost of drug development through Federated and Deep Learning for global and distributed clinical trials

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Fast, and efficient 360 degree understanding of cancers at the clinical and molecular levels

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Reaping the benefit of large scale clinical and molecular studies with help of explainable AI models

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Going beyond detection of limited molecular targets with treatment prioritization for all

Who We Serve

GenterpretR serves patients by bringing knowledge and insights about personalized treatment options that will accelerate their time to being cancer-free.

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GenterpretR is bringing together a multi-omics platform with global clinical trials together to choose the most effective treatment for patients.

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GenterpretR’s multi-omics platform accelerates the pace of today's pharmaceutical innovation and ensures hospitals are prepared to deliver innovative medicine that can reduce treatment time.

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