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A personalised, precision medicine platform company

GenterpretR is building an intelligence platform to enable Artificial Intelligence and genomics based therapy prioritization. Our initial focus is on the OncopretR suite that leverages DNA and RNA sequencing data of cancers, alongside structural details of drug molecules for patient-specific, AI-based prioritization of cancer therapies.

Our Core Values

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Technology + Life
AI for better

Applied AI and personalized genome diagnostics help oncologists minimize trial and error and improve treatment outcomes leading to improved quality of life and longevity for patients

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Research + Science
Fast adoption of scientific breakthroughs

GenterpretR is bridging the time gap between clinical breakthroughs and patient adoption. Sound science is at the core of our solutions and our research is grounded in the scientific method, modern research, and clinical trials

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Security + Privacy
State of the art data privacy

Technological and scientific advances transformed patent treatment possibilities. Safeguarding data and protecting privacy with complete transparency is our promise. We will never share sensitive, personal information without your explicit consent

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GenterpretR Vision

Our vision is a future free from cancer related deaths

Vickie Sokol Evans, Breast Cancer Survivor

Our vision starts with saving the lives of those women who face a breast cancer diagnosis not responding to conventional treatment. We combine years of clinical, proven research; modern diagnostics including scans, biopsies, and imaging; along with proprietary OncorpretR genome analysis. The addition of genomic data helps your medical caregiver choose the most appropriate treatment protocol, leading to a healthier, cancer-free you.

Uncertainty, fear, and doubt are words of the past when it comes to your cancer diagnosis.

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