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Founding Vision

July 15, 2022

From Mohammed Farooq and Dr. Debarka Sengupta

The American Cancer Society estimates that nearly 2 million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in 2022 and more than 609,000 people will succumb to the disease—that’s roughly 1,670 deaths per day in the United States alone¹. Globally, that number is 100 times more. As nearly 40% of the population will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetimes, it is perhaps the greatest health care challenge facing modern society².

Over the last five decades, remarkable clinical advances have substantially reduced the mortality rate for cancer survivors, yet half of those diagnosed with the disease still die within ten years³. GenterpretR, a precision medicine startup is transforming cancer therapy with the goal to make every cancer treatable. 

To accomplish this, our mission will integrate three emerging disciplines to transform the future of cancer diagnosis and care: computational oncology, computational biology, and machine learning. 


Over the last 10 years, GenterpretR R&D teams have been using computational oncology and computational biology methods that use physics-based and genetic data-driven advanced mathematical and computational approaches to calibrate patient-specific models, analyze cell-drug interactions, and simulate patient responses to potential treatment options. Real-world evidence; anonymized, global data sets; patient genome and clinical trial data are part of GentrepretR’s data lake, OncoBase that brings distributed oncology information in one place like never before.

Substantial computational skills and capabilities, as well as medical knowledge are required to capture the individuality of each cancer patient’s situation for accurate decision making at all levels. Scientists and doctors are applying machine learning algorithms to data sets that can make more accurate predictions, but GenterpretR is going even further. The most ambitious project at GenterpretR is to represent every human being on earth as a numerical vector constructed based on their multi-omics profile. Tracking changes in the vector can describe a lot about a person's well being and correlating it with the other aspects of clinical research that can help us build a preventive global healthcare ecosystem.

Delivering such a complex solution to clinicians and researchers for clinical use requires a secure data platform that can operationalize AI models at scale and that are theory-driven, knowledge-driven, data-driven, or, increasingly, a combination of all three.

GenterpretR is uniquely positioned to deliver oncology’s first AI precision medicine operating system and real-world evidence platform with OncorpretR, which can operationalize all of these AI-model types for each cancer condition. GenterpretR clinical and research applications built on top of this platform will aid personalized clinical precision decision making while tracking treatment for each cancer patient across the care lifecycle. 

GenterpretR’s new oncology clinical diagnosis and clinical trial workflow will integrate with the current conventional clinical workflow along with genetic AI-assisted decisions to provide doctors and researchers capabilities they lack today. The user experience will offer a real time 360-degree view of patient biomarkers, actionable targets, simulate targeted therapy options and drug impacts to improve treatment decisions. It provides doctors the ability to move patients from conventional treatment to precision personalized care processes or a clinical trial using one process, one workflow.

Today, achieving such a precision and personalized treatment process takes years and hundreds and millions of dollars. GenterpretR aims to change that and deliver such an experience in hours and days for each patient and to do it at scale. 
Personalized, affordable and effective cancer care for every patient is the mission of GenterpretR.

To execute on this vision, we set out to create a unique culture that unites individuals from diverse backgrounds in a single team of Bio-Scientists, Medical Oncologists, Physicians, Cardiologists, Neurologists, Life Scientists, Data Scientists, Machine Learning engineers, and Product Specialists all working harmoniously with a single vision to reimagine cancer care for the betterment of humankind. 

Together, we can answer questions that alone we would not have even thought or dared to ask a few years ago.

Exciting times ahead for the GenterpretR team and its partners globally.

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