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Enabling oncologists to connect patients with targeted clinical trials to drive optimal outcomes

GenterpretR is currently operationalizing live clinical trials for BRCA1 and BRCA2 and germline mutations detected in saliva in collaboration with several leading hospitals in India including Fortis and Rajeev Gandhi

An estimated 80% of clinical trials fail to meet enrollment timelines*, while 26% of rare diseases trials are terminated because of low accrual rates**

*Desai M. Recruitment and retention of participants in clinical studies: Critical issues and challenges. Perspect Clin Res 2020;11:51-3.
** GlobalData, Over 25% of rare disease trials are terminated due to low patient accrual rates, says GlobalData;, 10 March 2021.


Research + Care in a Single Process

Oncologists applying conventional therapeutic treatments often reach a dead end with cancer patients. They want to experiment with newer therapy options but find it difficult to get access to the right set of clinical studies that is relevant to a patient's condition.

Oncologists want to use genetic testing in these clinical trails with clear end point goals and specific clinical control variables.

GenterpretR extends the current conventional clinical methods to include genetic testing based clinical studies to drive outstanding patient health outcomes

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Genetic medicine is pioneering DNA and mRNA genetic interpretation technologies in combination with distributed clinical trials to enable a Real World Evidence Platform for guiding physicians, oncologists and researchers to effectively treat cancer patients. The goal is to analyze single cell genomes along with DNA and mRNA sequencing for a single cancer cell, that is quite different from the genomic data of ensembles of cells, to drive precise, actionable therapies.

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